HelioAir airships are safe and reliable. They can fly in various weather conditions and are environmentally friendly. Most importantly, they’re ready for flights with long duration and range.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for brands on a local, regional and national level. We connect your brand to its target audience through public relations coverage, social media and experiential activation.


Despina Two-Seat Airship

The two-seat Despina airship is effective for advertising flights, aeronautical pilot training, patrolling, traffic and city areas monitoring, emergency control, high-quality air photography, filming and rescue operations.

• 8h Flight duration
• 2 passengers (incl. pilot)
• 34m2 Length
• 90km/h max. speed
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to operate
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Dominus Multipurpose Airship

The Dominus is a multipurpose airship designed for long-term flights, including at low altitudes and low speeds. It is applicable for visual control and patrolling, pipelines and electrical lines, control de-mining operations and airspraying, photo and video filming, elite tourism, rescue operations and advertising campaigns.

• 24h Flight duration
• 10 passengers (incl. 2 pilots)
• 55m2 Length
• 100km/h max. speed
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to operate
• Various climate operability PDF Brochure

HYPERION Hybrid Airship

Hyperion is revolutionary expert-designed hybrid airship integrates reliable speed and performance into a unique combination of blimp and plane. It can carry up to 8 passengers or 2000 lbs in its spacious cabin, which can easily be econfigured to enable any number of tasks or payloads.

• Up to 1,300 Miles range
• 10 passengers (or 2000 lbs)
• 140 ft Length
• 93mph max. speed
• Gas-Electric hybrid engine
• Mainly computer controlled
• Various climate operability PDF Brochure


The main applications of captive balloons are shooting, communications and aerial surveillance.

The largest, equipped with radar, allow continuous monitoring of borders to medium altitude.


PUMA Tethered Aerostat

The Puma tethered aerostat is assigned for low flying targets detections, border guard, anti-smuggling control, video/audio retransimssion and communications, ecological monitoring.

• Round-the-clock radar surveillance
• 2-5 km altitude
• 25 days period without landing
• For communication and other purposes
• Various climate operability

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